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Heart Conditions and Life Insurance

Heart Conditions FAQs (click here)

Quantum advancements in medical technology, surgical procedures and prescription drugs, as they apply to discovering and treating heart and coronary artery disease, have given countless people a new lease on life. Blockages occurring in the arteries can be detected and treated effectively before damage to the heart occurs and better managed if there is damage.

No Heart Attack /Early Intervention/Treatment

If you DID NOT have a heart attack, but had blockage in one or more arteries and were treated, there is a good chance that you can get life insurance. The rates you are charged will depend on many factors, including but not limited to: Your Age, the type of procedure (Angioplasty, By-Pass Surgery) the number of arteries treated, EKG readings, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, medications, your build, family history, lab results, how much time has passed since the procedure and how frequently you have been monitored.

For example, the bypass patient or angioplasty patient, under observation and on medication to control cholesterol, might get life insurance at reasonable rates relatively soon after these procedures have been done. (In some cases as early as two years after successful treatment) The key is to show that the applicant has been frequently monitored (every 3-6 months) and that they have shown a marked improvement since having the procedure. This translates to the applicant being a better risk now than prior to the treatment. Life insurance companies like to see improvement and stability. As this is often the case, many heart patients are able to get the coverage they desire, albeit at higher than standard rates. Life insurance coverage will typically be available to many applicants with a Table Rating or Flat Extra premium charge depending on the severity of the condition.

Heart Attack and Subsequent Treatment

It is much more difficult to get life insurance if you have had a heart attack, especially if you are relatively young and have a family history of Coronary Artery Disease. It will also be very difficult to get coverage at any age if you have sustained any significant damage to the heart muscle and display an abnormal EKG. Survivorship Life Insurance also known as Second-To-Die Life Insurance may be available if you have a healthy spouse or business partner. Guaranteed to Issue Life Insurance may also be available individually in small face amounts.

For those who have had a heart attack and sustained little or no damage and have successfully treated their condition, it may possibly get life insurance as early as two to three years after the initial treatment. However, any additional risk factors like Smoking, overweight, family history of Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, will make it next to impossible to get an offer for coverage.

How do I Find Out If I Can Get Life Insurance?

Begin by calling for a free No Obligation consultation. We can help you determine if it makes sense for you to apply for coverage and give you a cost estimate.

How do I Get the Best Rate?

The most effective way to be sure you are getting the best offer for coverage is to use a broker that works daily in the Special Risk marketplace. He or she will have the experience, knowledge and persistence to get you the best possible rates available

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