Health Insurance Plans For Self Employed

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Health Insurance Plans For Self Employed

Health Insurance Plans For Self Employed

Health insurance plans for the self employed are challenging to find at affordable costs. The recent increase in the cost of healthcare dramatically impacts small business owners and independent contractors alike. USA Insurance Pros helps those looking for insurance obtain precisely the level of coverage they need by connecting users and organizations to industry-leading brokers.

What factors impact health insurance cost?

 The growing costs of administration, drugs, and treatments impacts the expense of healthcare. Obamacare was only a limited factor impacting the price of insurance. The drastic overall increase in expenditures on medicine in care since 2000 greatly explains this rise.

In the past 20 years, health care costs for the average household rose by over $2,000 billion. New and expensive treatments for cancer, diversity in preventative care, and even amounts spent on holistic care all impact the amount you pay. Many insurers, to lower future costs, also started paying for the costs of gym memberships and checkups

Insurance companies exist to make a profit. By taking on more costs, your rates rose. Since 2010, prices rose by three percent each quarter. Many saw an increase of over $100 since 2011.

Even non-profit insurance companies such as Kaiser Permanente could not avoid a rise in rates. The cost of entry-level insurance which once hovered near $200 now sits at over $300. Those with pre-existing conditions pay an even higher price.

Prices for insurance are not likely to decrease even with the disappearance of the mandatory fee. Prices for basic procedures are skyrocketing. The average colonoscopy costs over $5000 with co-pay taking covering most or all of this expense. Only 32 percent of healthcare expenses in 2017 went towards hospital procedures.

Rates are likely to continue to increase as they have done since recording began. This impacts small business owners and contractors directly who do not have the option to purchase insurance through an employer. With 45 percent of Americans experiencing chronic illness, having no insurance is not an option, yet coverage continues to affect rates and prices for products and services.

How can I find affordable insurance?

Insurance offers many perks and features. Coverage for chronic illnesses, medicines, and other factors significantly increase the price paid. Many young Americans do not require the extensive coverage that high-end plans provide. Others need to find reasonable coverage for existing conditions.

USA Insurance Pros believes in helping people find the most affordable healthcare option for their needs. We are an independent broker connecting licensed professionals with the people and small businesses they can help. Our products range from life to medical coverage.

We believe in an ethical and informed approach to purchasing insurance. Small business owners, contractors, and other clients report receiving up to 30 percent savings when using our service.

If you are interested in finding out how to maintain coverage as a small business or contractor without drastically increasing your rates, USA Insurance Pros can help. Health insurance plans for the self employed can be expensive. Visit our website today to get connected to an appropriate professional.



Health Insurance Plans For Self Employed
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